Pebble Beach

Welcome to Pebble Beach

While Pebble Beach is an unincorporated territory, it stands as one of the most widely-known places in Monterey County. The community itself is part of the larger Census-designated area, Del Monte Forest.

Pebble Beach’s history is different from the other coastal communities, shaped mostly by businesses using the land to build resorts that cater to the more affluent members of society. Over the years, the extremely beautiful and well-maintained attractions like the 17-Mile Drive and the Pebble Beach Golf Links have shaped Pebble Beach into the beautiful, affluent community that it is today.

Pebble Beach hosts golf tournaments, both annually and otherwise, including the prestigious US Open, most of which draw international crowds. The Concours d’Elegance, an annual classic car show, also puts the community on the international map. Characteristic events like that make Pebble Beach a resort community that many wish to live in but only a few can afford.