Big Sur

Welcome to Big Sur

Big Sur is widely regarded as the longest, most stunning continuous stretch of undeveloped coastline in the contiguous United States. The rugged granite cliffs, massive coastal redwoods, abundant rivers and waterfalls, tall mountain peaks, and view-clad roads have turned Big Sur into one of the top 35 travel destinations worldwide. The two-lane Pacific Coast Highway sees millions of cars each year, most of which are full of tourists who marvel at the views that the local homeowners get to enjoy year-round.

The region’s popular regard as a wonder of the natural world makes it difficult for aspiring residents to settle in. In fact, the single most important factor as to why this section of the California Coast has maintained its primitive beauty is the immensely-restrictive local developmental policies. Less than five thousand people call the Big Sur Coast home year-round and the total number of homes between the sparse settlements is even lower. That hasn’t stopped people from trying anything and everything to make a Big Sur Coast property their home, however.